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FoodCycle September Newsletter

E-mail sent by Kelvin Cheung, Tuesday, 7th September 2010 @ 11:22am

Best New Charity of the Year by the Charity Times Awards
Yup, that's us! 

The annual 
Charity Times Awards recognises those who have made a big difference and celebrates our achievements in the Third Sector.  This award would not have been possible without all the hard work, time and dedication that you guys have invested to the cause.

So a big thank you to everyone involved:

To the project leaders and volunteers past and present - 
Through your incredible energy, passion, and talent you are the greatest ambassadors to the cause. A simple thank you is just not enough... so get ready to celebrate YOUR success at the National Conference this October! 

Our food suppliers and kitchen spaces - We are grateful for the great partnership you bring to our projects by being the backbone of the operation and helping out the project leaders.

Our funders - Thank you for recognising the value our project and volunteers bring to the communities and for supporting us as we grow.

And finally to all those who have been supporting us in a variety of ways whether it's been spreading the good news or sending advice and encouragement.  

At the ceremony, and chosen out of three other finalists for the big prize, Kelvin was there to collect the award with trustee Lily Lapenna, also CEO of MyBnk.

Read our press release and share the good news!

FoodCycle's new look & the National Conference
We're undergoing a brand makeover and we're very excited about it- let's just say that it's been eight month in the making. We hope you like it but no peeking yet! The new look will be unveiled at the national conference. 

Our national conference is happening the last weekend of October.  It will be the opportunity for project leaders and volunteers to celebrate, reflect, share and learn together. 

Do you come from a marketing or fundraising background, have good practices in team work, or know the quickest and safest ways to handle a kitchen knife?

Why not share your expertise and deliver a workshop session to our project leaders and volunteers? 

If you are interested in giving a session and would like further information on how to get involved, please contact Katie at or 0207 3771 8771

Great British Waste Menu
After the success of the Great British Menu, the top four chefs tackled the food waste issue. By rummaging in the bins they were able to rescue unwanted food and created a feast fit for the queen.  

It is great to know the issue is having an increasing impact on the public as the programme received the highest ratings of the night when it was aired on Wednesday 26th August.  

Did you watch the show? Let us know your thoughts by emailing

Foodie events 
Who says that British food is no good? The Love British Food Fortnight 18th September - 3rd October will challenge that perception.  They've got tips on how to eat British and provide nifty facts on how great we are at growing the food locally - apparently we produce more cheese than our French counterparts

Zucchini or courgette
The beloved squash is now in season so where better to turn to for some scrumptious recipes than food blog Chocolate & Zucchini, where you can try out Clotilde's recipe for a zucchini and mushroom crumble
 amongst many others.  While you're waiting for your food to cook, pick up some French idioms for your next trip on the Eurostar.

UCL Volunteer fair

  • Thursday, 7th October 2010 at 11pm - 3am Friday, 8th October
    Location: South Cloisters

    Come join Bloomsbury FoodCycle at the volunteer fair!

    • 1 person attended

Queen Mary Volunteer Fair

  • Thursday, 28th October 2010 at 11am - 2pm
    Location: Octagon, Mile End campus

    Come join FoodCycle at the Queen Mary's volunteer fair!

SOAS volunteer fair

  • Thursday, 7th October 2010 at TBD
    Location: SOAS student union

    Come and join SOAS FoodCycle at the volunteer fair and sign up to join the team!

UEA Volunteer fair

  • Tuesday, 5th October 2010 at 12am - 3am
    Location: LCR Union House, University of East Anglia, Norwich

    Come and join FoodCycle at the UEA volunteer fair and sign up to join our Norwich team!

    • 1 person attended

Birmingham Volunteer Fair

  • Thursday, 30th September 2010 at 11am - 4pm
    Location: The Underground, Guild of Students

    Come join FoodCycle at the Birmingham volunteer fair and start your own project in the local…

FoodCycle will be attending Southampton Volunteer fair!

  • Thursday, 30th September 2010 at 11am - 3pm
    Location: Students’ Union Concourse, Building 42, Highfield Campus, University Road.

    Come join us at the Southampton fair and start a FoodCycle project in your local community!

FoodCycle July Newsletter

E-mail sent by a GroupSpaces user, Wednesday, 4th August 2010 @ 3:18pm

Star Project Leader

THE first EVER project leader of the month.  
Congrats to Matt Atkinson from the SOAS team for holding the team together throughout June and July.  Not only did he pick up the food and cook alone for several weeks he also braved the Thames (EUCH) to raise over £350 for his project what a trooper! His response....
"WOW! Thanks so much! Well, I'd like to thank my mum, my dad, nick from Sainsbury's......HA! Seriously        thanks you so much, I'm pleased as punch! :))))"

FoodCycle project update

Everyone has been doing a great job over the long summer break, struggling to power through despite volunteer shortages and kitchens closing! A MASSIVE thanks to all of our project leaders! Imperial and LSE even took the initiative to join forces and share a kitchen when Imperial's kitchen closed for the summer- and we didn't even know about it!!

The quiet months have been a great planning time for new projects and Bloomsbury, Cambridge and Edinburgh plan to get those ovens fired at the start of the new academic year! Projects in Leeds, Liverpool, Durham (among others) will be joining the FoodCycle family! 

National Conference!

All project leaders new and old get your diaries out and block off the 29th-31st October for our biggest and best FoodCycle conference yet!! The venue has yet to be confirmed but it will be in London and will be full of activities, seminars and networking to make your project run smoother than ever! We are working on awesome goodie bags and wait until you see our brand new logo!! Be warned- wear comfortable shoes!

Foodie Festivals

The summer has been jam-packed with food based days out and all around London, from the Arnold Circus Sharing Picnic to the Shoreditch Park Festival, our Bloomsbury and Imperial projects have been bringing FoodCycle to the public with fruity smoothies!

If anyone is about the Dorset area this weekend and loves hot food, check out the Chilli Fiesta, it will quite literally blow your mind!

We like.....

Thornton's Budgen's for their initiative to grow a roof-top garden above their shop in Crouch End, North London!!.

In keeping with the roof-top theme if you are looking for volunteering experience check out Hackney Pirate's! A great new social enterprise developing literacy and creativity in young people by giving them one to one attention in unconventional learning environm
ents! Send an email to for more information.

Finally, AWARDS

Thanks to all those that voted for us in the MYOO challenge: we got through to the final round and are waiting the final outcome! 

We have also been nominated for the best new charity of the year so keep looking at our Facebook fanpage for any updates!

xX The FoodCycle Family Xx


Vote for FoodCycle!!

E-mail sent by Ankoor Patel, Thursday, 1st July 2010 @ 5:17pm

We need you! I’m calling in a favour. And if you don’t owe me any favours, I will be in debt to you. FoodCycle is in a battle, a struggle that it must win.


-       This battle is a contest to win initially $2000, then a further $15000.  Many will enter, but only one will prevail. 

For victory, we need to rally an army of voters to vote for us! We have a matter of hours to swing the vote, only 130 votes till we lead.

VOTE here!!  

Please take 30 seconds of your time to support FoodCycle (and Kelvin indirectly) and you will be rewarded with positive karma and ice cream next time you see us.   FoodCycle is asking for 30 seconds. FoodCycle needs 30 seconds. We are in a battle,. an epic race more striking than any other.
Please forward this to 5 of your friends, and you will get double ice cream. Remember all those chain emails? This one is real, this one is for FoodCycle, this will give people food. (The contest ends @ 7am on Sat 4th July)

The promises I make above also apply to your friends. In fact, if we get to 1st place, I will put on a party, an ice cream party at our offices for everyone!!!  That’s a guarantee.

Have a lovely day and thanks for supporting us!

FoodCycle gets a facelift! June Newsletter

E-mail sent by Kelvin Cheung, Tuesday, 15th June 2010 @ 4:11pm

Our new (online) face!

Ka-bam-O.  Check out our new website, now Facebook fanpage, googlemaps, twitter and groupspaces friendly.  Hope you like it, Donat, our Vodafone World of Difference volunteer has been putting in some quality time into it.  Enjoy!

ROCK THE VOTE! FoodCycle needs your help in a chance to win up to $25,000 from the Myoo The Beat Waste Startup Challenge.  It’s a public vote, so the project with the most votes wins!

Make a difference for FoodCycle with just one click!

FoodCycle project update

News has been spreading about FoodCycle. In the last couple months, our family has grown, with groups in Cambridge, Norwich and Edinburgh joining us.  Our mega projects are also starting soon in Pimlico and Haringey.  These projects will be open to all, so come in for a meal soon!

Become a FoodCycler!

The community cafe in Haringey is opening soon. We're having a volunteer information session on 24 June 2010 at

8pm at Moors bar, 57 Park Road,
Crouch End, London N8 8SY

Hope you can join us!

Foodie events

Meet your neighbours over some great food! The Big Lunch is on again on the 18th of July, with community picnics happening all over the UK, including at Arnold’s Circus in the East End!

For other foodie events in London, we like to use Sustain's food calendar.

New neighbours

We just moved into our new offices off Brick Lane and are sharing the office with our lovely friends at MyBnk and Otesha, two great youth led charities as well. Lots of fun, laughs and serious >:| work as well!  Above our office we are joined by Safia and her company People Tree, which is a great ethical fashion line.  Great food, nice people and hip fashion, that’s a recipe for awesomeness!

Come join us for a cup of tea, or a mango lassi!

That's all for now, enjoy the summa sunshine!

xX The FoodCycle Family Xx


The Arnold Circus Sharing Picnic

  • Sunday, 18th July 2010 at 1pm - 6pm
    Location: Arnold Circus, Boundary Estate, Tower Hamlets, E2

    Join in and celebrate the renovation and centenary of Arnold Circus, at the heart of the…

    • 1 person attended

Facebook fanpage

E-mail sent by a GroupSpaces user, Wednesday, 26th May 2010 @ 3:42pm

Afternoon all,

Hope you are all ready for a relaxing Bank Holiday weekend- we have had a busy few weeks at HQ and are finally settled in our new office in Brick Lane!

A newsletter will be with you soon but I just wanted to take this chance to tell you, if you haven't already, to join the FoodCycle fanpage for all your food related news!!!

Just click on the link

Thanks x

FoodCycle turns 1 year old- come celebrate with us on May 10th after work!

E-mail sent by Kelvin Cheung, Thursday, 6th May 2010 @ 4:49pm

Righto chaps and ladies, quick and short!

FoodCycle is turning ONE YEAR OLD on May 10th.  We have many celebrations, but 10 May 2009 was the first time we cooked meals for the public, it seemed like an eternity ago but here we are!

Since May 2009, we have

  • Served over 6,000 3-course meals
  • Reclaimed over 3,000 kg of surplus food (mostly by bikes and granny trollies!)
  • Had countless hours of help from volunteers from all walks of life!

A year ago, this was just an idea, and now we are starting a new youth movement against food poverty and food waste.   Special thanks to our funders, Esmee Fairbairn, V, UnLtd and of course YOU for believing in us...

So come drop by and celebrate.  Have a piece of cake and enjoy the sunshine (weather pending!).

Everybody is welcome, however, we can't promise the cake will last for long!

Ok, enough sentimentality- I'm getting watery eyes. 

Come on over and relax with us, and let the good times roll!

p.s. if the weather is against us- just call Kelvin @ 07894347711 to find us (which will probably be the closest pub!)

Location: Russell Square Gardens, 5pm to 8pm- Look for our FoodCycle T-shirts!

Google Map

FoodCycle News Flash April 2010

E-mail sent by Kelvin Cheung, Thursday, 1st April 2010 @ 1:30pm

Hi Foodcyclers, it’s April and just thought we’d give you a quick shout out on what’s been going on!

Hear ye Hear ye!! The FoodCycle March Newsletter is here!

E-mail sent by Kelvin Cheung, Thursday, 4th March 2010 @ 3:06pm

It’s been a long time since we’ve last sent out a newsletter (October was our last one), so here’s an update!



Yup, we’re now FoodCycle.  We thought it fit in better with what we do, (completing the food cycle, the cycling, we can now use it as a verb, or noun, etc…).  There were also legal trademarking reasons!  We are also an independent charity now (1134423).  Anyways, here we are… new name, but same great taste!

Fun Random Bits!

Fun things you should know about that we’ve come across in our journey

  • KX Skip Garden- nestled away besides the new King’s Cross International station is a skip garden!  What is it?  Check it out!
  • One of the best recipe sites we’ve found so far that categories recipes to the ingredient from our friends at Abel and Cole.
  • Our friends at Ecomodo has launched!  Have a lot of kit that you only use once or twice a year, like a tent, telescope, or drill?  Why not lend it out?  You can rent it out for money, for free, or donate the money to your favourite charity!  Check it out!

UnLtd Level 2

In December, we were awarded with an UnLtd Level 2, which means a bunch of funding, and also the expertise of their team on how to scale up our operations!!  Yippee!


In February, we were awarded with VMatch funding- which matched our Esmee Fairbairn Foundation grant.   This will mean we’ll have more funds to scale up… and there is demand for it!  It will also allow us to hire a spare hand to manage the projects as things are getting quite busy!  Target now is 15 projects by the end of this year. 


Thanks for all those that came out to the Hub for our Youth Funding Network event, we raise a total of £2,300 for FoodCycle.  It was an amazing event… if you’re interested in joining in the fun, come to the next one on March 18th!  RVSP now as spaces are limited!

Project updates

We now have 5 projects up and running at Imperial College, LSE, SOAS, Bristol University and St. Hilda’s Community Centre.  In numbers, this means that about 250 meals are being served every week by our projects!

Highlights include Bristol’s launch party, which included a live band, a cooked three course meal for 120 people, and dancing to late hours of the night (on a Wednesday!!). 

Also notable is LSE, who have been doing amazing things with their meals, including mouth watering numbers like meat-free shepherd’s pie, hot and delicious winter soups, and amazing desserts, including heart shaped cookies for Valentine’s day.  For more updates, visit our Blog!

The Funding Network
We’re very honoured to be asked to do a pitch at the Funding Network on the 27th of March.  It will be a fantastic event full of inspiration stories and might I mention a lot of VIPs?!  Come join us!  Book early though, spaces are extremely limited.

Tired of all the waste and want to do something about food poverty in the UK?  We’re waiting for your call, and we have all you need to get a project started in your local area.  Just email us!


Bits and bobs to look out for…!  Always exciting times at FoodCycle, look for   future projects popping up across the UK, and also for bigger projects to spring up in Pimilico, Crouch End and Broadway market in London.  We won’t tell you too much now, but keep in touch via Twitter, Facebook and our Blog!


Well, that’s it.  We tried to keep it as short as possible!  See you next time, and please keep us in mind when you think about food poverty and food waste as those are the issues that we tackle!


Thanks for foodcycling with us! :D


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